• Dyeing, Finishing and Coating ability to 230 inches •        

» IFAI NEW ORLEANS SEPT. 26-2909/01/2017

See us at IFAI in New Orleans, September 26 - 29, 2017.  We look forward to your visit at our booth #A425

» Yarn Plying to 100,000 Denier12/04/2016
We Now Have the Ability to Ply Yarn(s) From 40,000 Denier to 150,000 Denier. We Welcome Your Inquiries.

» Hurricane Protection12/04/2016
We Have Recently Fabricated Hurricane Screens From Our High Strength Mesh. Sized as Required, to 100 Feet Wide or More. Our Sewing Department Has Heavy Duty Equipment to Handle these Products.

» Golf Simulator Screens12/04/2016
We Fabricate a Beautiful Golf Simulator Driving Screen. Our Screens are Custom Made to Order.


Sewing All Types of Industrial and Commercial Products. Equipment and Operators to Sew the Heaviest Materials, i.e. Thousands of Denier, as Well as Lightweight, i.e. Apparel, etc. We Welcome All Types of New Projects and Opportunities. Large Volumes Welcome.


Rotary Screen Printing, 18" x 20" Capacity. We Welcome All Projects and Opportunities. Combined with our Dying, Finishing, Dye Cutting, and Panel Cutting, Printing is a Great Addition . . . . More to Come Soon.

» IFAI: CHARLOTTE OCTOBER 18 - 2110/18/2016

See us at IFAI in Charlotte, October  19 - 21, 2016.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT TO OUR BOOTH #A829

» DIE CUTTING11/19/2014

We have just installed our ORMONT DIE CUTTER, 60 TON, 60"x40" BED. Our Die Maker is in town and ready for any design.




Excellent Opportunity for Experienced Textile Warp Knitting Tricot & Raschel, Quality Control, Research and Development, Fabric Analysis, Costing, Sales & Marketing, Hands On Position.


We are Pleased to Announce We Have Acquired "AMERICAN TRUCK PRODUCTS".  We Will Now be Fabricating All Types of Truck Covers, Tarps, Screening, Ratchet Straps, Etc.  We Produce Open Mesh, Multi-Colored Mesh, Vinyl, and Others.  We will also Custom Fabricate any Textile Incorporated Product.  We Have All Types of Sewing Machines, RF Welding, Grommet and Snap Installation.  We Welcome All Inquiries . . . .

» AIRPORT SIGN02/04/2014




Our Precision RE-BEAMING Service is Now Available.  We can Add and Subtract Ends from your Current Beams and Even Change the Beam Size.  Give Us a Call to Discuss Your Requirements.





We Are Pleased to Announce Our Newest Product Launch of a Full Range of "EARTHKNIT" Wattles for Erosion Control.  We have 4 Standard Diameters, 4 Standard Apertures, and 4 Standard Fibers.  The full custom line has as many as 30 Variations of Diameter, Aperture, and Fiber.


Our "EARTHKNIT" Wattles Are The Strongest on the Market and Support Any Type of Filler, Including Rock.  We Offer a Range of Degredation Levels According to Customer Request.


Volume Custom Orders Considered.


Inquiries Are Now Welcome!


See us at TECHTEXTIL, in Atlanta




We Have at Least 200,000 lbs. of Polyester Creel Cut-Off Yarn Waste Available.  It is Currently Stored in Gaylords.  We Will Sell As-Is, OR Chopped Into Customer Specified Lengths.  This is Ideal For Recycling.


We have now installed a new High Speed PERRETT CHOPPING machine to prepare Yarn and other commodities.  We can adjust lengths and speeds of the chop.  We entertain Chopping Your Material(s) for a fee, by the pound.

» EMPLOYMENT10/03/2013

SALES & MARKETING: Salery and Benefits.  See our Employment Section for this and other opportunities.


Now with High Capacity of Brand New ROBLON High Denier Twisters, Capable of 30,000 - 150,000 Denier Twisting.  Using This Equipment For Our Own Production, as well as Commission Twisting.

» BOOM-NEWS07/01/2010


See Our EarthKnit Link www.earthknit.com  to View Information on Our High Strength Oil Spill Absorbent Booms, Tubes, & Socks, of 5", 8", and Larger.  All of Our Products are Made in USA.


We Proudly Announce The Installation Of An INSTRON 5500 Tensile And Compression Tester.  It Is Outfitted With Brand New BLUE HILL Software Installed On A New Dell Computer.  We Have Recently Added an Extensometer with Camera.


This Addition To Our Testing Facility Affords Us The Flexibility To Expeditiously Create And Prove Our Samples In House, As They Are Created. 


Warping by the Pound or by the Hour, May be Available on our Modern, Heavy Duty, High Speed Equipment.  Our With KFD and Whorle Tensioners our Experienced and Skilled Operators Produce Excellent Warps.  Lets Discuss Your Requirements.

» GEOGRID LAUNCH04/21/2008

We Proudly Announce Our Initial Direct Sales Effort Into the Geosynthetic Geogrid Market.  Our Previous Successful Efforts Have Been as a Private Label Supplier.  We Have Now Created Our Own Product Line, with Proven Data, and Will Entertain and Pursue Direct Sales, Partnership Sales, Distributors, Agents, and Private Label. 


Pete Stevenson, with his over 35 years experience in Geosynthetics, has joined us as our Director in this effort.  Pete can be contacted at:  pete@supertex-inc.com or by Phone through our Office.

» BEAM DYING TO 185"04/16/2008

After Many Months of Successful Pad Dying, Today We Have Started Our 185" Beam Dyer.  Our Beam Dyer is Equipped With a Brand New Computerized Controller by I.C.E.S., and is Set Up With Programs to Process Various Fabrics, Fibers and Colors.


We Have Established a Complete Laboratory Which Includes Precise Color Matching Equipment and Quality Assurance Procedures.


We Actively Solicit Dying and Finishing Work From the Rest of the Industry . . .   Our Heat Setting Capacity is in Excess of 220" Wide, Which Well Affords a Tremendous Savings in a Single Pass of Wide Fabrics.  This wide fabric Can Then Be Split Into as Many as Seven (7) Bands of Various Widths.  Call Us For a Welcome Discussion.





312 W. Luther Av. Liberty, NC 27298   •   1-800-790-1000


In the Rolling Countryside of North Carolina's Triad, between Greensboro (GSO) and Raleigh/Durham (RDU) airports.  We are Making a difference in our friendly community of Liberty and proudly producing

Only here in the USA.






312 W. Luther Av. Liberty, NC 27298   •   1-800-790-1000